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Interview with Gene Appel
posted 11/30/2017 11:52:12 AM
Outreach magazine recently published a two-part
ICOM looks ahead to 2018
posted 11/27/2017 2:19:10 PM
The International Conference on Missions just wrapped up a successful gathering in Peoria, IL. Make plans now for ICOM’s 70th anniversary conference Nov. 15-18, 2018, in Cincinnati, OH. The theme will be “Unhindered.” © Christian Standard
West Virginia church recognizes 8th graders
posted 11/22/2017 5:02:44 PM
Wellsburg (WV) Christian Church treated eighth-graders in the local middle school to a Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday. The meal in part recognized the students’ status as “top dogs” at their school before they move up next year. Toni Taylor, a church member who

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Kids being kind - and making the news!
posted 3/24/2017 1:51:49 PM
Last year, four teenagers from Connected Life Christian Church in Boca Raton, FL, started a “We Dine Together” club to ensure that no student at their large high school would have to eat lunch alone. The church writes that each day at lunch the four students, all of whom are first-generation immigrants, “roam the cafeteria, talking to students, getting to know them and sitting to eat with them. It has been wildly successful and commended by the school and local leaders.”

These students are also part of an afterschool program the church offers to more than 80 students who attend each day for a meal, tutoring, and mentoring. This ministry reaches out to “at-risk” students, many also immigrants, to help them do well in school and even receive scholarships so they can attend college. Wednesday nights include a time of Bible study and worship.

“Recently, ABC and CBS took notice of what was happening and ran a segment on their national evening news about these students and their club,” the church writes. “Steve Harvey is flying them out this week to have them as guests on his talk show. There is now interest to have these students hold a conference to help other high schools establish the same ‘We Dine Together’ clubs. We are proud that these young people took the initiative, led by their faith in Jesus and the desire to serve others in His name.”

Click here see the video coverage, and here to visit the club’s Facebook page!
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